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Tony V's Tavern Sprouts a Sign, Replaces Storied Midtown Bar

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On Monday, the sign for Tony V's Tavern was bolted to the side of 5756 Cass, officially rebranding the old storefront as it prepares to open. Originally scheduled to open months ago, the tavern was still waiting on a liquor license as of April. When Tony V's does open, it has some big shoes to fill. Before closing a few years ago, Alvin's on Cass had rocked this building for over 40 years. Back in the day, Alvin's was a legendary venue for Detroit bands and a favorite bar for Wayne State students. Today, the building belongs to neighborhood restauranteur Anton Vulaj, owner of Olympic Grill and Campus Diner. While we wait for Tony V's to open up, check out how this building has changed over the years. · Restaurateur Tony Vulaj to open Midtown Zeff's and Tony V's Tavern in Midtown [Model D]
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