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It's True: Starbucks Coffee Heading For Campus Martius

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With Tim Horton's and Roasting Plant already in place, the Campus Martius coffee party just got real: Starbucks is coming. The coffee giant recently acknowledged what we've long suspected, plastering their One Kennedy Square storefront with several identical "coming soon" posters. No press release, no social media hints—nothin'. Is Starbucks less than thrilled to expand in our fair city? Perhaps. The Woodward/Mack location can be an absolute circus. If this Starbucks has its own bathrooms, expect them to become some of the hottest real estate in the city.
Lack of enthusiasm aside, Starbucks will join Potbelly Sandwich Co. and Central Michigan University in filling up One Kennedy Square's ground floor. No word from Starbucks HQ on an opening date (Potbelly's signs literally say, "Opening Soon-ish), but you'll know when we do.
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