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Midtown Reaches Gelato Status, but PJ's is Fading in Corktown

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Melt Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

MIDTOWN— There's a new gelato and espresso place in town called Melt, which quietly opened this week. The shop serves espresso, an assortment of gelato, and other sweets, and it's conveniently located near the soon to open La Feria. View photos of the exterior and interior, but know that the reason it looks a little bare is that their menu boards hadn't arrived quite yet. Nevertheless, Melt is open for business seven days a week, morning, day, and evening.
MICHIGAN— Halloween is almost here, so it's once again time to seek out some of Michigan's most haunted dining establishments, including one located right here in Detroit. The Free Press published two articles on haunted eateries and their spooky seasonal events, and they even gave readers insight into the ghosts and type of "hauntings" diners might experience. The list includes the South Lyon Hotel in South Lyon, The Mission Table and the Jolly Pumpkin (formerly the Bowers Harbor Inn) in Traverse City, Grill House in Allegan, the Holly Hotel in Holly, and of course The Whitney here in Detroit.
CORKTOWN— Corktown is often in the news for a new bar or restaurant opening or an existing one's growing success and fame (Slows, Sugar House, St. CeCe's, Mercury Burger & Bar...) but that isn't the case for everyone. This week PJ's Lager House spoke to the press about their financial troubles and their struggle to succeed in a part of town where it seems that everyone else (or at least the high profile neighbors) is thriving.