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Buildings, Parking Lot Cleared For Eventual Downtown Park

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Construction vehicles are dancing around the future site of "Mini Campus Martius," the asphalt acre DTE is transforming into a park. First unveiled in July, the idea has only started showing signs of progress over the last few weeks. Progress has been fast—previously a parking lot adjoining two small buildings, the site is now a muddy patch littered with bricks and surly construction workers.

The park is part of DTE's overall real estate scheme for the neighborhood surrounding its headquarters, which it's calling "West Downtown." It's a smart move on DTE's part. Mini Campus Martius is across the street from two ongoing renovations—the GAR Castle and 1922 Cass, an Ilitch property. Those are just the guaranteed improvements to the area. Renovation rumors currently surround the Book Tower, Leland Hotel, and the Michigan Building.