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Packard Plan: Derelict Factory to Manufacture Modular Homes

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Big news: Jill Van Horn, winner of the Packard Plant in Wayne County's tax auction, claims to have a team of investors behind a dramatic plan for the derelict industrial space. Says the Freep:

Their goal is to transform the 35-acre site "into a new economic center on the east side of Detroit," the statement said. "Modular homes and offices will be constructed on the site and shipped all over the world. Building supplies will also be made there." Wow! The production of modular homes sounds just unglamorous enough to be real, and we could probably use a few modular homes on the east side's endless prairie. Keep in mind: Van Horn has yet to pay the $6,038,000 tab on her winning bid, nor do we have a timetable or know how much demolition of the Packard the plan involves. Stay tuned.
· Winning Packard bidder plans to manufacture modular homes, offices at site [Freep]

Packard Automobile Plant Detroit

E Grand Blvd & Concord St. , Detroit, MI