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Promising $500M Development, Dan Gilbert Likely to Buy Fail Jail and Nearby Properties

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Dan Gilbert might soon be the new warden at Fail Jail. According to Crain's, Wayne County wants to sell its disastrous prison development to Dan Gilbert, who plans on replacing the half-finished prison with a $500M entertainment district. If accepted, Gilbert's offer (estimated to be around $40M) nets him more than just the jail's embarrassing remains.
He'll also get several of the county's downtown properties, including the two old jails and the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice. Gilbert's development proposed contains 1.7M square feet of hotel/residential space, plus 200K square feet of retail/parking. The plan has been described as a "mixed-use retail, entertainment, residential and office development that would serve as a gateway to downtown from the east." Wayne County is expected to make the announcement Wednesday afternoon.

Fail Jail

Gratiot at St Antoine, Detroit, MI