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Wayne County Nixes Top Packard Bid, Crawls Back to Bill Hults

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Dr. Van Horn is out! Wayne County cancelled Van Horn's $6,038,000 bid for the Packard Plant after her team missed payment deadlines and issued a bizarre press release. Guess who the second place bidder is? The Hults! All the way back in July, the Hults already had the opportunity to buy the Packard Plant for $1,000,000 before the auction even began. After weeks of stalling, he disappeared. Now, he'll have another opportunity to stiff Wayne County for an even greater sum of money: $2,200,000, his highest bid before Van Horn entered the competition. Will he return to his original Villages of Packard Plan?
· Wayne County cancels Texas doctor's Packard Plant bid [Freep]

Packard Automobile Plant Detroit

E Grand Blvd & Concord St. , Detroit, MI