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Packard Winner Releases Drunken, Typo-Ridden Statement

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As you've probably heard by now, the Packard Plant's winning bidder—Dr. Jill Van Horn of Texas—is not making the best first impression in Detroit. After missing Monday's down payment deadline, Van Horn's organization released a lengthy statement that sounds, well, drunk. Titled "The Posential Energy in Detroits Assets," the statement is a nonsensical, typo-ridden word vomit announcing Van Horn's "prophecy" to bring Detroit jobs. Read it for yourself. We're sure you'll agree that one of these two things is happening:
1) Detroit is getting trolled. Wayne County should move on to the second-highest bidder.
2) Van Horn is a real-life crazy person, and the last thing we need is another one of those in charge of the Packard Plant. Wayne County should move on to the second-highest bidder.
Instead, Wayne County chief deputy treasurer David Szymanski extended Van Horn's deadline, saying he was still taking the deal seriously. Van Horn now must fork over the first payment today. Is it weird if we miss Bill Hults?
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