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Letter Reveals Gilbert Controls This Capitol Park Loft Building

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, there is new evidence that Dan Gilbert has stealthily taken control of another slice of Capitol Park. The property in question: 1215 Griswold, a six-story residential building on the park's western side full of spacious, no-frills loft spaces. According to the tipster, building residents received a Halloween surprise: a letter announcing a new landlord.

The letter declares that the building is now managed by Bedrock Real Estate Services, the real estate arm of Dan Gilbert's empire. The letter seals the deal by identifying the landlord as a company called 1215 Griswold LLC, which names James Ketai—managing partner at Bedrock—as its registered agent.

Ketai is likely Gilbert's straw buyer, a strategy previously used to buy buildings near the Bates Garage without attracting too much attention. As for 1215 Griswold, the building will add to the wave of residential renovation expected wash over Capitol Park. We can't say when work will get started on this one, but if all the residents are on month-to-month leases, it could be sooner rather than later. Care to see the status of every one of Cap Park's battered buildings? Do check out Curbed's ongoing map-o-progress.