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Strathmore Rehab Gains Key Approval, New Storefronts Planned

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Efforts to restore the derelict Strathmore Hotel took a step forward yesterday. The Detroit Historic District Commission voted unanimously to greenlight what amounts to a complete facelift for the windowless wreck, which is slated to be converted into 129 apartments. Much of the exterior work will be restoring what's already there (the metal rails on the second floor, for example). One of the larger new installations: aluminum storefronts similar to those seen in this historic photo. Other highlights include the removal of all the brick/glass block currently barricading the windows and work to the interior light court. The renovation is scheduled to fire up in earnest this spring.
· Alexandrine Street's Windowless Brick Building (The Old Strathmore Hotel) Is Up Next For Renovation Into Apartments [Curbed]

Strathmore Hotel

160 Alexandrine St W , Detroit, MI 48201