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Downtown's Newest Restaurant; Eater Awards; More!

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La Feria: Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT— The Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Detroit episode aired last Sunday night on CNN, and it caused quite a stir in the city. Eater live blogged the event, reactions were varied (and very passionate) all over Detroit and Metro Detroit, and It seems like they just keep coming. Which begs the question, will peak Bourdain saturation ever be reached?

DOWNTOWNMo Better Blues is now open, after months of work and waiting on the usual permits and licenses. Owner Gerald Watson II is planning a grand opening event tomorrow night, and noted that while they've been working with a limited menu for their soft opening this past week, they're really taking things up a notch when they officially open this weekend, and the space definitely looks ready for a party.
DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— All week Eater has been collecting votes in 24 hour polls to find out who is going to win this year's Eater Award in each of five categories. Restaurant of the Year, Chef of the Year, So Hot Right Now, Bartender of the Year, and Stone Cold Stunner, the design award. The last poll is still open, so go ahead and let your voice be heard.