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RiverWalk Fills in Gaps as Mt. Elliott Park Enhances Amenities

The RiverWalk spent the summer charging west, traversing a 20-acre lot once home to Free Press' printing facilities. While that effort got most of the attention, the eastern RiverWalk was quietly filling in the few remaining gaps, adding a small extension through Miliken State Park near the Globe Building.
Farther east, the bedazzling of Mt. Elliott Park is just now finishing up. New pavilions, restrooms, water cannons, and more are going through the inspections process for a spring debut. Just one thing stands between the RiverWalk and the MacArthur Bridge: The Uniroyal Site--43 acres contaminated with industrial waste. Half of the site has been decontaminated, but the DEGC and Michelin have yet to agree on a plan for the second half.
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