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The Colony Arms Might be Detroit's Worst Apartment Building

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This morning, the Detroit Police launched a 150-person raid on what they're calling the "most problematic" building in the city. Meet the Colony Arms Apartments, the east side hellhole you've probably never heard of. The Detroit News reports that, over the last year, DPD has received 600 calls for service at the building.
As the raid finished up earlier this morning, it wasn't just the terrorized residents cheering for the Detroit Police. According to the News, Detroit Police Chief James Craig scored a compliment from a man being lead away in handcuffs, who said the chief was "doing a good job." Yes, even the criminals were grateful to escape the Colony Arms.

Felons aren't the only problem residents have faced. A 2011 power outage had the building's residents taking refuge outside, as conditions within were so intolerable. Shortly thereafter, nearly a dozen residents called Fox 2 Problemsolvers, hoping to spur the management into fixing a huge bedbug infestation.
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Though management didn't respond to our rent inquiry, a few apartment listing websites have the Colony Arms asking $600/month for a one-bedroom unit.
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