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The Hults Settles for the Abandoned Cadillac Stamping Plant

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It's certainly no Packard Plant, but The Hults is claiming to have closed on different post-industrial hellscape: The Cadillac Stamping Plant, built in 1926 for Hudson Motors and abandoned in 1986 by GM. If Hults really did buy this place (we'll believe it when someone other than Hults confirms it), he was almost certainly working on that deal in secret while publicly wasting everyone's time pretending to buy the Packard.
The Hults is already rambling on about the $40M he'll spend reconfiguring the factory to churn out precast concrete homes, his signature product. At first glance, the Cadillac Plant appears to be a more realistic project than the Packard. It's relatively intact, isn't on fire, and comes with a tiny abandoned neighborhood that once held worker housing. See it from the sky on Google Maps.
· Developer buys old Cadillac stamping plant in Detroit [Curbed]