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Millender Center Apts Renovated, Renamed "Renaissance City"

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After some initial resistance, housing company Village Green has won the battle to rename the Millender Center Apartments, sort of. They're going with Detroit's favorite word: Renaissance. From here on out, the building will be known as the Renaissance City Apartments at Millender Center.
This rebranding goes deeper than just a new name. Since buying the building in March, Village Green has been working on an interior overhaul, ditching the 1980s decor for something much, much louder.

Renovations are about 40% complete, and the website has been updated with photos of the new interiors. Luckily, we saved the old ones. The building has 3 finish options for its 1-2 bedroom apartments, but we're mostly using shots from the craziest, most hallucinogenic theme.

RenCity's main attraction, the Sky Club on the 33rd floor, is still in the works. It will be an "entertainment space" with a "gourmet" kitchen. The building's dreary rooftop tennis courts are being renovated into what's known as the Sky Park. Expect a movie wall, fire pit, grilling station, and water feature when it opens up next summer.

RenCity's rates now fall between $915 and $2,845 per month for apartments ranging from one bedroom to two bedrooms. Penthouses are also available.
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