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New Windows, Elevator Expected at Michigan Central Station

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If Michigan Central Station could write its own holiday wish list, we're sure that wish #1 would be "A NEW OWNER, PLEASE," followed closely by "MORE WINDOWS." That second wish now seems closer to reality than ever. According to the Detroit News, Michigan Central's ownership anticipates more windows and an elevator will be installed soon. Soon! Ongoing repairs to the station's lighting system and stairways are also mentioned.
Good news about the station is always nice to hear, but don't expect too much. Almost exactly one year ago, Nora Moroun—wife of the billionaire owner, Matty Moroun—wrote that the "bids are out" on replacing the windows. Since then, five windows and twenty-two snowflake decorations have appeared, and Nora has yet to write another update.
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Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216