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Two-Level Loft on Cass Asks $204,900, Looks At Auburn Deck

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[Photos by Jim Tumey]

This 1,300 square foot loft is a sweet two-level, super tall space with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Located in the "Planned Parenthood" building on Cass (aka The Stuber Stone Lofts), it allows you to stare over at the Auburn building's patio. Perhaps you'll even make friends and get invited to the BBQs. There's a skylight in the master bedroom and parking in a gated lot. The location puts you near fancy new things like Shinola, and neighborhood staples like Avalon bakery.
· 4221 Cass Ave #1300 [The Loft Warehouse]

Stuber-Stone Lofts

4221 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 Visit Website