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Gone Already: Enviable Indian Village House Sold in a Day

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Want to buy a 5,000 square foot mansion in Indian Village that melds historic features with modern charm? Hoping it is move-in ready so you don't need to renovate a thing? Need six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a two-car garage? Well too late! Your perfect house was snatched up after a mere day on the market and just closed right at the asking price of $374,900. If you're not used to things moving so fast in the Detroit market, you're not alone. Anomly? New era? Everyone list now? We're not trend forecasters so don't ask us. As for the sellers, given that they scooped the place up as a foreclosure in 2008, paying just $155,000, they totally just won Detroit real estate. They did a gut rehab job on the 1917 home, leaving it with fresh wood floors, a brand new kitchen, a new roof, and a gorgeous garden and pool. Do these guys have any more gut rehabs to list? On second thought, the buyers might have won just as much.
· 2940 Iroquois St, Detroit, MI 48214 [Zillow]