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Nevermind State Lease, Belle Isle Is For Cross-Border Lovers

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Belle Isle, the underfunded Detroit island park, is not only being courted by a State lease, but is in such hot demand that now a Toronto-based company is willing to plunk down $10M for 10 years worth of naming rights., the (dating?) website that helps married people sleep with (meet?) people that they are not married to (for sex!) has made an offer. They used very logical logic to justify the deal,

"During the economic crisis, was a haven for the people of Detroit. We experienced a large spike in sign-ups, with a growth that currently shows 4.5 percent of Detroit's people are members of In fact, we've found that cross-border affairs are at a peak in the Detroit-Windsor corridor; so as a Canadian company it feels like the right fit for us to support our neighbors — and in some cases, affair partners — to the south." Ashley Madison's motto is very simple, "Life is short, have an affair." Does Belle Isle agree? "Life is short, let's blow $10M on ridic new attractions?" Canada does realize that Kwame Kilpatrick is no longer in charge, right?
· Dating website offers to buy naming rights for Belle Isle [Crain's]