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It's Election Day! Tour A Little Bit of The Manoogian Mansion

It's election day in Detroit, and Mayoral candidates Benny Napoleon and Mike Duggan are facing off at the polls. The Mayor's residence (just a few houses down from one owned by Kid Rock) is known as the Manoogian mansion, and should Duggan win, he plans to move in. Benny Napoleon had said in a previous Mayoral debate that he would not live there. Here's a video clip from 2008, right after disgraced former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick moved out. Somehow what was once a bowling ally in the home was not being used? Will Duggan bring back bowling as he brings back Detroit? If he wins? After all the recounts? Note to all future adminstrations: Curbed Detroit accepts invites to house parties, and is decent at bowling.
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· Tour of the Manoogian Mansion [YouTube]

The Manoogian Mansion

9240 Dwight St, Detroit, MI 48214