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The University Club is Being Demolished RIGHT NOW

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10:45 AM We will update this post as we learn more. These photos were taken less than half an hour ago, but surely less is left already. DetroitUrbex had the news first, via a facebook post, that has been up for about an hour.

Located on East Jefferson, the University Club building has not been doing so well since it closed in 2008. But until this morning, it was still standing. Now not so much. It had suffered a massive fire last June.

Built in 1931, the club building was designed by William Kapp. Historic Detroit explains where things went wrong

The University Club went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1992. The YWCA then took things over until 2008, when high upkeep costs led it to abandon the building. The structure was sold two years later to the owner of a liquor store who wanted to demolish the building for a fast food joint or another liquor store.
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The University Club Detroit

1411 E Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI