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Yaybe: The CPA Building Might Be Sold, Price Unknown

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Photos by Curbed contributing photographer Matt Elliott.

Corktown's favorite price-chopping and price-re-upping fixer upper, the CPA building, might have sold. Yay! Maybe. There's a pending offer according to the Detroit News. With a prime location across from Slows BBQ and the Train Station, there's been no shortage of interest in the building over the years. But it seemed the owners were not interested in meeting in the middle on a price. Did they finally come down? Will this deal really close? We're likely about 60-90 days from finding out for real. The building recently tested out the life of a drive-through, but so we're not sure if it is cheaper now. The last reported asking price was $900K for the building, or $1M for the whole block.
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CPA Building

2238 Michigan Ave. , Detroit, MI