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Concerned Citizen Reports Ye Old Butcher Shop "Dead Empty" Several Times This Week, Tries to Rally People on DetroitYES

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The online forum for discussing Detroit, DetroitYES, has a new entry from someone experiencing the effects of Whole Foods guilt. You see, just a few blocks south from the much-lauded first National Grocery Chain in Detroit, there's a mom and pop grocer. Ye Olde Butcher opened in October 2012 and seemed to fill a much needed hole in food shopping. At least UNTIL Whole Foods Detroit opened last June.

Here's what a concerned YESSER has to say about how YOBS is doing now.

I have been in Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe multiple times this week, and every time it has been dead empty. This is a great local business that needs our support. Show your dedication to our city by supporting this local business. I admit I do also frequent another new grocery store[Editor's Note: Whole Foods. He means Whole Foods] located a couple blocks away, and it is a shame that the prospective clientele overlaps so much. But there is enough of a difference between the two to shop at both stores, and to desire seeing both succeed. (Check out the wine selection at Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe! Also if they don't carry something in the meat counter, they are always willing to special order anything for you).

Was it just a slow YOBS week? Or is Midtown/Brush Park not meant to be a two grocer nabe? We at the Curbed news desk are currently sipping Kombucha from a store we frequent that shall remain nameless and have no idea how to keep an actual store in business. However, another commenter may have some game-changing insight: The name "Old Butcher Shop" makes me think of a butcher that sells old meat....Maybe they should change their name to Detroit's Finest Meats Butcher shop or the World's Best Meats Butcher Shop. Why not? Detroit loves a n@me change.
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Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe

3100 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48201