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A New Heatmap, A Delay at Bagger Dave's, Bourdain, More!

La Feria: Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT/METRO DETROITThe November Eater Heatmap is up, featuring some of Detroit and Metro Detroit's newest restaurants like La Feria in Midtown, Marais in Grosse Pointe, and Market North End in Birmingham, while others have kept their spots due to lots of good press and rumors about things like "restaurant of the year" awards for Torino and The Stand Gastro Bistro.

GREEKTOWN— People were looking forward to this weekend and the grand opening of Detroit's first Bagger Dave's in Greektown near Buffalo Wild Wings, but the opening was postponed last minute with no revised date or reason given.

MIDTOWNAfter a long wait, 2012 Hatch Detroit winner La Feria Spanish Tapas is finally open, and they're celebrating their grand opening with another new Midtown neighbor, coffee, gelato, and sweet shop Melt, Friday, November 9th starting at 5:00 p.m.

DETROITAnthony Bourdain's breathlessly anticipated Detroit episode of his CNN show Parts Unknown airs this Sunday, November 10th. He's saying some nice things about the city which has locals excited and social media buzzing. His culinary stops include Pupusa House, Guns + Butter, Duly's Place, Cutters, and more.