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Have a Look At The Globe Building Now

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[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

Down by the waterfront, the new "adventure and discovery center" is heavily under construction in the shell of the old Globe Building, aka the Detroit Dry Docks Building. As it has been about five months since work started in June, we thought it time to have another look. Here are some shots taken just yesterday as work progresses. The plans are for "about half" of the building to remain and get incorporated into the new facility, which is supposed to open some time in 2014. The Department of Natural Resources calls it a "43,000 sq. foot, three-story must-see destination" which will provide recreation, exhibits and displays.
· Globe Building 50% Demolished Before Rebuilding Begins [Curbed Detroit]
· Outdoor Adventure and Discovery Center [DNR]

Detroit Dry Dock

Atwater at Orleans St., , Detroit, MI