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Out By 8 Mile, Eminem's Childhood Home Gets Singed

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The childhood home of rapper Eminem graced the album cover of "The Marshall Mathers LP," in 2000, and appeared again in 2013 for the cover of "The Marshall Mathers LP 2." But last night the home out near 8 Mile suffered a sadly typical Detroit fate for a boarded up home: fire! The Freep is reporting that firefighters put out a blaze last evening that damaged the top floor of the bungalow. They did not post pictured of the damage (worried about that ruin porn backlash?)

Right around the time the home became an album cover, it went into foreclosure (2001). After selling for $1 in 2009, it was abandoned, then turned over to the Wayne County auction of foreclosed properties with a minimum bid of $500. Most recently, it was still the property of the Land Bank.
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