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Now Open: Workshop Finishes Storefront Remod at the Fisher

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

During the summer, we explored an old retail space inside the Fisher Building rented by Workshop, a soon-to-be furniture shop with a twist. Instead of new wood, the furniture would be made of wood reclaimed (legally) from Detroit's thousands of abandoned homes.
Beyond its stellar location in one of Detroit's best buildings, Workshop's space won us over with its endearing weirdness. They just don't make stores these days that include tiny elevators, a narrow staircase, huge windows, and a lofted space overlooking the main floor.
Since then, Workshop has customized their space and opened the doors. The brown walls feature swaths of wallpaper from the Detroit Wallpaper Company (which is available for purchase) while the upper level has been converted into a furniture manufacturing area. Check out the changes in the photos. (Hours: 10am-6pm, Tuesday-Friday)
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