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Old Shipping Container Condo Plans are Revived, Expanded

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Detroit is again being taunted with the promise of a shipping container-based development—two or three of them, in fact. Come January, Three Squared Construction hopes to start building an office and shipping container "model center" in Corktown, which would be a "demonstration site for larger projects planned for Detroit."
Those larger projects include a third try at a condo development first proposed in 2008, planned for somewhere on Rosa Parks Boulevard near the "Wayne State area." That project is said to be "shovel ready," but there's no ETA yet.
Finally, if all that goes well, Three Squared wants to build a 10-12 unit residential building behind that first demonstration site (pictured), which is described as being on Michigan Avenue near the Grinnell Place Lofts. The overall plan is ambitious and vague, but MLive has the details.
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