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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (1) Downtown) vs (8) Brush Park

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Welcome to the Curbed Cup, an annual award to Detroit's neighborhood of the year. The ultra-prestigious (and entirely fake) trophy is our way of asking readers which 'hood had the very best 2013. We have 8 competitors for this year's cup, with one matchup each day. Voting ends 24 hours after it begins.

For downtown Detroit, 2013 was a year of absolute insanity. A year that started with the sale of the modernist 1001 Woodward only got more dramatic, ending with the first real progress on the Hudson's site since it was cleared 15 years ago. The first new high-rise since 2005 was announced as investors from across the world gobbled up slices of Detroit's famous architecture. A year in which a fake Hong Kong is constructed and blown up is always a memorable one.
Brush Park had an interesting year of its own. Beyond the 'hood's increasingly awesome inventory of apartments and lofts, Brush Park finally began to rid itself of the abandoned Brewster Douglass Projects. The projects made the most of their final days before demolition, making headlines as a disc golf course and a focal point for the X Games campaign.

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