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Consider Buying Downtown Hamtramck's Largest Building

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The City of Hamtramck will soon be accepting bids on 10201 Joseph Campau, the largest building in downtown Hamtramck. Let's call it HamTower. Despite generating 70 bids in the 2012 tax auction, HamTower was given to the City of Hamtramck when its winning bidders failed to pay up. For the record, the winning bid at that time was $200,200.
According to the Hamtramck Review, the city will be accepting sealed HamTower bids after it finishes up selling the Goodson Building, another city-owned property downtown. Back in 2012, we were told that HamTower totaled 13,000 square feet, and that its four levels still contain original hardwood flooring and tin ceilings.
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