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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (3) Belle Isle vs (6) Palmer Park

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Welcome to the Curbed Cup, an annual award to Detroit's neighborhood of the year. The ultra-prestigious (and entirely fake) trophy is our way of asking readers which 'hood had the very best 2013. We have 8 competitors for this year's cup, with one matchup each day. Voting ends 24 hours after it begins.

An island park isn't exactly a neighborhood, but Belle Isle faces challenges similar to the rest of Detroit—disinvestment, city neglect, poor management, and vandalism. Plus, a bunch of readers nominated it. Not only was Belle the subject of an insane proposal to make it a separate commonwealth/tax haven, but its reign as a city park came to an end. It was a historic year for Belle.
To the north, Palmer Park also had a big 2013. Its incredible apartment buildings are being aggressively bought up in preparation for renovations. Palmer Lodge, the neighborhood's oldest and most visible building, has made steady restoration progress. The neighborhood's annual architecture tour drew its biggest crowd ever, and we got a chance to peek inside the park's historic Log Cabin.

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