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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (2) Midtown vs (7) Eastern Market

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Welcome to the Curbed Cup, an annual award to Detroit's neighborhood of the year. The ultra-prestigious (and entirely fake) trophy is our way of asking readers which 'hood had the very best 2013. We have 8 competitors for this year's cup, with one matchup each day. Voting ends 24 hours after it begins.

Midtown's residential reveal of the year—the Woodward Garden Apartments—was a step up from the Auburn Building of 2012, but we all know the neighborhood's biggest exclamation point: Whole Foods. With a marching band, mounted police and free lobster, the Whole Foods grand opening was a wonderful, over-the-top shitshow. The neighborhood had an avalanche of new development promises, from a $60M mixed-use monster to a new apartment building on Stone Pool Park.

Eastern Market continued buzzing over a planned shipping container hotel, bringing a couple individual containers onto Russell Street as an appetizer. The 'hood learned of a new distillery coming to an old slaughterhouse on Riopelle Street, while pet enthusiasts enjoyed a new "Urban Pet Shoppe." We even saw the market's biggest mural restored. Perhaps most important of all: The Dequindre Cut began extending north.

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