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Where To Eat On NYE; The Year In Eater Pictures; More!

Polish Village Cafe Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— This week the Eater Detroit New Year's Eve Dining Guide maps some of the city (and the metro's) best options for fancy dinners, champagne toasts, parties, and special menus for the last night of 2013.

HAMTRAMCK— The Polish Village Cafe in Hamtramck always decorates for major holidays with gusto, and their Christmas effort is no different. Take a look at the cozy photos and then head on over for some pierogi and dill pickle soup before the decorations are gone.

DETROIT— A new feature has arrived, called the Mini Map. Not meant to be exhaustive, but merely to give a taste of something particular, they maps will feature categories of food or restaurant, neighborhoods, or even something else. The very first Eater Detroit Mini Map chose five of the city's best take out spots, from pizza to Mexican to fine dining.

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— It's the end of the year, and many new places have opened, old ones remain strong, and they all photograph beautifully. Take a look at some of the year's Detroit restaurant highlights in Eater Detroit's pictures.