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Cass Avenue Scores a $1M Bike-Friendly Enhancement

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The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) yesterday unveiled a spreadsheet of new projects scheduled for 2014. Buried amidst the tedium was a $1M allocation to a familiar street:

According to MDOT spokesperson Diane Cross, the cash will go toward enhancing Cass Avenue as a bike-friendly alternative to Woodward Avenue, which will eventually be home to the side-running M1 streetcar line.
"There's been a great deal of concern about bikes being an issue, maybe the tracks of the street car and the bike tires," said Cross. "We want to promote Cass Avenue as a good north/south route for the students and people."
Because the City of Detroit is spearheading the project, MDOT was unable to tell us exactly what the "enhancements" will be. That being said, $1M is a huge amount of money. Let's hope for something more than a single line of paint designating a bike lane. Could we get more bike racks and signage? New parking patterns? Tight biking shorts for everyone? We'll update you when we have the answers.
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