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Hints of Construction Already Spotted at The Davenport

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Just two weeks after news broke that The Davenport and Cass Plaza would be renovated, we have the first hints of construction. A nearby resident hit the Curbed Tipline with the above photo, explaining that utility crews are "digging a large hole on Davenport Street" and "connecting cables to a new utility box in back of the building."
For all we know, they could be planting Tulips. Chances are, however, these crews are restoring the buildings' access to electricity. Both Cass Plaza and The Davenport were left vacant and unsecured for years, so basic utility systems probably need to start from scratch. The 8-unit Davenport hopes to finish up construction by October. At this rate, we might just see a completely restored building by Halloween.
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The Davenport

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