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Young Restaurateur Hopes For Success In Detroit; End Of Year Surveys, Polls, And More

Holiday Food Bazaar Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT— There's a brand new restaurateur (back) in town, with big plans and the pedigree to make it happen. Meet Eli Boyer, the Metro Detroit native with big city experience aiming to open a craft beer and German comfort food restaurant on Woodward.

JEFFERSON CHALMERS— The little shop Coffee and (____) is struggling to make the transition from pop-up to brick and mortar, and city officials supposedly aren't helping. An outpouring of support has convinced the owner not to give up her dream, however, so she's insisting that her January 6th closure will be temporary as she works towards a certificate of occupancy.

DETROIT— Eater Detroit's End Of Year Survey is up and reader answers will be featured on the site along with responses from some of the restaurant industry or media industry's own opinions. So go submit answers!

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— Polls are fun, and this one features all 13 of the Detroit Free Press "best restaurant" contenders. Go ahead and vote on which one didn't deserve to make the list.