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Light Sculpture Illuminates a Well-Worn Corner of Midtown

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For several reasons, it's a safe bet that students at Lawrence Tech's College of Architecture and Design are a cheerful bunch these days. They're getting a brand new building, they were granted $5K to design a light sculpture in Midtown, and the mighty Blue Devil bowling team is apparently ranked #14 in the country. Let the couches burn!
But let's return to that second item. The sculpture is called Night Light Detroit, and it recently appeared on the SW corner of Cass Avenue and Canfield Street. Night light was designed to illuminate an empty lot, which actually isn't so empty. Pedestrians pass through the space routinely enough to form a desire line that cuts the corner. (On side note, Sweet Juniper has the best article ever written about desire paths in Detroit.) It's hard to see beneath the snow, but the sculpture also includes a mound of multicolored LED lights. Here's a five-minute interview about the project from WDET.

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