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Z-Lot's New Lighting Rebels Against Typical Garage Design

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Since the very first renderings appeared, it's been obvious that the Z-Lot was designed with more spice than your everyday parking garage. As if the eye-catching facade and dozens of murals weren't enough, the retail/parking giant recently added another visual element to the mix: Lights.
All parking garages need illumination, but the Z-Lot uses its lights to rebel against normal parking structure design. Vertical lights have been installed in Z's rectangular windows, breaking up the horizontal lines that typically dominate these buildings. A similar strategy is used in the stairwell atriums, where lights add a rainbow of color to what would otherwise be a grey exterior.
Kudos to Neumann/Smith for giving personality to a parking garage without going overboard, which is entirely possible—just ask East Lansing. Expect the Z to look even brighter once those storefronts start filling up.
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The Z Lot

Library and Gratiot, Detroit, MI