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Demo Watch 2013: A Final Farewell to Buildings Obliterated

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

It's time for one last goodbye to the buildings lost in 2013, or at least the demolitions this blog was able to cover first-hand. From Hotel Charlevoix to some forgotten little storefront on Grand River, let's relive the year's most interesting demolitions.

↑ Hotel Charlevoix (1905-2013)
Detroit’s oldest surviving hotel bit the dust in the early hours of June 23.


↑ 201 Michigan (1930-2013):
Denied permission to demolish the State Savings Bank Building, the man we call APOP ripped into this innocent building on the corner of Michigan and Shelby. It's now a gravel parking lot.

↑ Brightmoore
The Detroit Blight Authority went after notoriously blighted Brightmoor over the summer, racking up 70 total demolitions over 14 blocks. [Photo via DetroitUrbex]