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Explore the Strathmore's Ravaged Interior Before Restoration

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Exterior photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard, interior via Hamilton Anderson

Looking at the Strathmore Hotel's windowless facade, it's nearly impossible to believe that in just a few years, a couple hundred people will gladly call this place home. According to a spokesperson for lead architecture firm Hamilton-Anderson Associates, the project is now completely financed (thanks, Midtown Inc!) and the historic aspects of the renovation have been approved. The most recent victory: the flooded basement has been pumped out. Baby steps, right?
Some things to look forward to:
· 129 total apartments
· Restored lobby and facade. The latter will have "detailed lighting."
· Skylit garden community room.
· New canopy and streetscape along Alexandrine, with parking adjacent to the alley.
Construction is on schedule to start in the spring. Let's take a look inside, shall we?

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Strathmore Hotel

160 Alexandrine St W , Detroit, MI 48201