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Historic Toothpaste Factory Has a Studio For Rent Downtown

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[Photos via the Iodent Lofts]

Living in the Iodent Lofts means being able to tell people you live in a historic toothpaste factory in downtown Detroit. Is there a better ice breaker? Tucked behind the Fox Theatre, the building was converted to 11 lofts in 2009 after years of vacancy. This studio is just 660 square feet, but high-end finishes, several windows and a good layout make it feel roomy enough. Plus, several bars/foods/sporting venues are quite walkable from here (Centaur Bar and Hot Taco are on the ground floor). The rent feels high at $1,320/month, but renovations to nearby buildings and the adjacent Arena District are signs that this area will only get pricier.
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Iodent Lofts

2233 Park Avenue, Detroit, MI Visit Website