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$10,00 Of Tips In Ann Arbor; December's New Heatmap; More!

Detroit Institute of Bagels Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

CORKTOWNDetroit Institute of Bagels officially opened on Thanksgiving Day in time for the Parade, and they're providing bagels and bagel sandwiches from a bright, inviting interior. They've worked to make the space more than just a bagel shop, adding plants, artwork, and even books for reading, and it looks like their work paid off.

ANN ARBORTips For Jesus, the anonymous tipper who leaves $500 to $10,000 tips for lucky servers and bartenders all over the country, has been leaving tips, taking photos for the eponymous Instagram account, and making people very happy right in Ann Arbor. He left a $3,000 tip for a server at Bar Louie, and $7,000 for a bartender at Alley Bar.

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— There's a brand new December Heatmap up, and new Detroit places Mo Better Blues, The Grille Midtown, and Detroit Institute of Bagels made the list, along with some other Detroit and Metro Detroit restaurants who have been stepping up their game.

DETROIT— An article in The New York Times about New Orleans and its restaurant scene pre and post Katrina bore some striking similarities to what is happening in Detroit. Is Detroit on its way to becoming a wealthier city, and is its restaurant scene indicative of the beginnings of this change?