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The First Look Inside the New Woodward Garden Apartments

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

The Woodward Garden Apartments have finally arrived. Perhaps that's a slight exaggeration. The interior still needs significant polishing, but last year's mushy mud pit is now a gleaming, habitable building, so we're calling it. The Garden aims to finish up work in the next couple months, fueling the fires of Midtown's housing market with 61 new units. We recently got a chance to snoop around a couple apartments that were nearly complete. Do come inside.

The most striking thing about the apartments is how bright and open they are. Unlike the heavy, masonry walls found in Detroit's old loft buildings, Woodward Garden feels light and sleek. The high ceilings and plentiful windows (and the views!) definitely help. Yes, there are balconies.The finishes are classy and minimal--stainless appliances, bamboo floors, and dark grey carpet in the bedrooms. Combined, it's sort of like an industrial, high-end Ikea vibe. Minimal and classy, not overwhelmingly luxurious.

The Garden's one bedroom units start at $900/month for 775 square feet. Two bedroom apartments start at $1,400/month, offering 1,200 square feet and an optional second bathroom. Heat is included with the rent, and all apartments contain a washer/dryer. Woodward Garden Apartments are aiming to open by mid-January. Those hoping to plant themselves at the Garden should head to 3901 Woodward's website for leasing info and floor plans. Other things:
· "Garden" is not plural. It's apparently just a single Woodward Garden. Sorry for two years of being wrong about that, but the website has given up using either name, opting for 3901 Woodward.
· Way back in the day, we were worried when updated renderings changed the facade's color from brownish red to yellow. Was that the right choice?
· After much uncertainty, the final apartment count is definitely 61. That includes a few studios, but no pricing info is available on those quite yet.

Remember when Woodward and Selden looked like this? Relive the transformation below:

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Garden Theater Redevelopment

3929 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI