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Vermin Hunt Nearly Burns Down Historic St. Stanislaus Church

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[Photo via Michigan Stained Glass Census]

'Tis the season for architectural drama among Detroit's historic churches, apparently. According to Motor City Muckraker, a tenant living in the caretaker's house adjacent to St. Stanislaus Church nearly torched both structures after intentionally starting a small fire in the attic in an attempt to "choke out vermin."
As 1997's Mouse Hunt taught us, mice are the masters of architecture-based trickery. The fire was quickly out of control, the beautiful house was destroyed, and the mouse likely escaped down Ferry Street atop a wheel of Gouda. Minor smoke damage was reported inside St. Stanislaus, but probably not enough to affect its absurdly low asking price of $69,000. The listing made headlines last January, then made headlines again after the press realized that the seller paid just $2,500 for the church in 2012.
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St. Stanislaus Church

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