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Frost-Designed Party Pad Offers Pure Retro Glamour

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Built in 1949, this house in the 'burbs is a shining beacon to Mid-Century Modern styling overlooking Orange Lake. You wouldn't guess it, but this place is closely connected to Mr. Albert Kahn, as it was designed by Kahn's friend and coworker Wallace Frost. Frost is known to have designed many Metro Detroit homes, but it wasn't until a brief stint in California that his style changed from traditional to California Modern. It also looks like he was down to party, as this house has six fireplaces and 7,500 square feet. Don't miss the hand-laid, free form, multicolored terrazzo floor motif (underneath the bigest couch we've ever seen) in the pie-shaped den. The curved floor-to-ceiling windows are also a favorite, but we doubt this place is going to sell anytime soon--the ask is at $1,790,000.
· 228 Orange Lake [Keller Williams]
· 228 Orange Lake [FullScreenPhotos]