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CEO Living: Tour a Renovated 10,000 SF Orchard Lake Home

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A pool with a lake view and a bar with a pool view. This 10,000 sf home, renovated in 2010, is all about amenities and amenities on the amenities. There are men's and women's locker rooms to service the pool, a wine cellar, and an in-home theater. Does that pool area remind you of something vaguely Versace? According to the description we received, the design was inspired by Versace's pool in his mansion in Miami. (Aside: is it wrong to wear a Versace knock off to a Versace knock off?)

Owned by a local CEO, this house got into the imports when it came to materials. We've got Calcutta marble walls & floors hand-selected in Italy in the master bathroom. The wine cellar room was inspired by an Italian olive oil factory and has a one-way mirror on the back of each door so outsiders cannot see in, but those in can see out.

That lower bar area facing the pool is known as the "tunnel," because if you had a pool made of glass mosaic tile, wouldn't you want to gaze at it as you drank, too? Natch! Now that is how to Whale watch. Local firm McIntosh Poris Associates designed this opulent affair. The question now: if you could pick just one high roller amenity, which would you choose? Leave us a comment.