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Service Street Could be Gratiot Avenue's Key to Trendiness

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As Corktown's popularity has skyrocketed over the last few years, Michigan Avenue has been the spoke street getting all of the buzz. It may soon have competition from its eastern counterpart, however. Much as the block containing Slows jumpstarted Michigan Avenue's redevelopment, an in-depth look by Crain's suggests the Service Street block could be a new hotspot for Gratiot. Just across from the Eastern Market area, this block has been an artist haven since the 1970s, and is named after the narrow brick alley that encircles it. Crain's reports that the Service Street block has seen six of its thirteen buildings sold in in the last three years, all of them having gone to artists or related businesses. Renovations are expected for several of these storefronts, with with two cafes and two galleries in various stages of planning.
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