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The St. Aubin Hotel is a Rare Bit of Eastern Market Real Estate

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Eastern Market's universal adoration means available real estate is hard to come by. For the more adventurous entrepreneur/aspiring hotelier with $259K to spare, we have the St. Aubin Hotel, Eastern Market's answer to the Temple Hotel in Midtown. Just a couple blocks away from the market's main thoroughfares, this worrisome shack squeezes 14 rooms into 1,700 square feet, which is quite an achievement. Guests might find themselves competing for one of three total bathrooms at the St. Aubin, though each room does include its own TV. If you're up for renovating the place, a tourist-focused hostel this close to Eastern Market/the Dequindre Cut isn't a bad idea. Just ask Collision Works, the hotel slated to appear just a couple blocks away on Division Street.
· 2910 St. Aubin [Trulia]