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Steps from Belle Isle, Two Bedrooms in the Lofts at Rivertown

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Here's a quality space available at the Lofts at Rivertown, which were built in 2002 out of a medical warehouse dating back to 1899. Just $1,350/month will get you two bedrooms, one bath, and a washer/dryer right in the unit. The interior has the usual loft stylings--exposed brick, visible plumbing, and large windows--while also offering a relatively high quality kitchen. Also included is gated parking, an exercise room, and a very appealing pool with a hottub. Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this year -- what better way to celebrate than by leasing a loft just from which you can walk to Belle Isle?
· Lofts at Rivertown -- Two bedrooms! [Craigslist]

Lofts at Rivertown

6533 East Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48207