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Woodbridge Star Offers Architectural Glory For Under $200K

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This house is currently a B&B is known as the Woodbridge Star, though the Star has spent most of its history as a private residence for Detroit-based captains of industry. The Star owes its existence to William Northwood, who comissioned the house in 1890 after growing rich producing malt to satiate Detroit's increasing demand for beer. The 6,500 square feet within contain seven bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom. The exterior is the most exciting, as sandstone, brick, and red slate are only accents for the crazy mixing of roofing styles above, where every turret and tower is said to be uniquely designed. Can you even fathom that this place, which is in remarkably good condition, is asking $199,950? Unreal.
· 3985 Trumbull []